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My name is Wes Simpkins, and I’ve been working as a professional storyboard artist in New York City since 2004. I work in pen and ink with grayscale marker shading or digital depending on the specific requirements of the project. I offer a wide array of different styles of storyboards which are outlined below or you can view more within this site in the Storyboards section.  I am fluent in programs included in the Adobe Creative suite for any layout purposes and use After Effects or Final Cut for putting together animatics.

Creatively, I bring a lot to the table and throughout my career as a storyboard artist, I’ve developed a strong visual aesthetic. Whether you're a seasoned director with a vision or a new director looking for an artist to help you troubleshoot your shots, I can help you with that. I work out of my studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn but can also work on-site anywhere in the New York City area.

Thank you for taking an interest in my work. I hope to be drawing for you soon!

Wes Simpkins

Ph: 718-764-3003

Email: wassle.art@gmail.com


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Wes Simpkins
Storyboard Artist


67 West St. suite 303
Brooklyn NY, 11222

Ph: 718-764-3003



Wes Simpkins

67 West St. suite 303
Brooklyn NY, 11222

Ph: 718-764-3003

Email: wassle.art@gmail.com


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Loose storyboard thumbnail sketch. storyboardnyc.com
Storyboard comped from references. Executed in Procreate. storyboardnyc.com
Storyboard comped from references drawn in Procreate.
Digital storyboard. Drawn and colored in Procreate for the Art Station Challenge. storyboardnyc.com


For jobs requiring a large amount of frames in a short
timeframe, I will do loose, smaller frames (roughly 4x 2.5). I can do approximately 40 per day. These are not pretty drawings and are
designed to get the point across.

Hand-drawn, Inked and Shaded

These are my most popular boards. More detailed, shaded and scanned. I can deliver 20-25 of these per day (based on complexity - perhaps more). Ads, TV, Film, This style works for all of them.

Digital Comped, Line Art

I use this primarily for Ad boards when likeness is especially necessary. Depending on how hard it is to find reference, I can generally produce 15-20 of these per day.

Digital Comped and Shaded

Again, this is a process reserved for advertising when likeness is needed or there aren't a lot of boards required in a given day. I can do 12-15 per day.

Digital Full Color Concept Art

When a project requires a fully realized environment this is the way to go. These are created through various methods (sometimes using comped images). There are different levels of detail but these can take anywhere from half a day to 2 days to complete a single drawing. Good for Animation and Film projects.

For a more in depth look at my samples please refer to the Storyboards section at the top of the page.

A hand drawn storyboard using ink and marker shading.
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