With 12 years of experience in doing storyboards in NYC comes a long list of clients. I’ve worked at many advertising agencies in New York as well as abroad not to mention various creative film projects. Below you’ll find a list of companies that I’ve done work for over the course of my career. You’ll see if you you scroll over the names that in some cases I’ve been able to find some of the projects online and have linked the names to the content. Please keep in mind that many of the clients below are repeat clients that I continue to work with on a regular basis.

Abbyy, Advil, Alpha Romeo, Amazon, American Express, AMC, Aqua Fresh, Atlantis Resorts, Bank of America, Aramis, AT&T, Athleta,  Beach Body, Bloomingdales, Blu Jay, Blue Man Group, Brother, Beyonce’s Fragrance, Briggs & Stratton, Bushmills, Ebay, Ernst & Young, ESPN, Calphalon, Calvin Klein, Chase, Chevy, The Childrens Place, Cici's, Coca-Cola, Colgate, Comcast, Cranium, Cuddl Duds, Dawn, David's Bridal, DC Lottery, Degree, Disney, DKNY, Dockers, Dolby, Dominos, Dryel, Dunkin Donuts, Eliquis, Essie, Este Lauder, Energy Star, Faith Hills Fragrance, Famous Footware, Fashions Night Out (Glee), Fossil, Future Work Now, GAP, GAP Kids, GoToMeeting, Getgo, GMC, Black Forest Gummy Bears, Harijuku Lovers, Halle Berrys Fragrance, HBO, Hersheys, History Channel, Hood, Hook'd, Hyundai, Hyatt, IBM, Ice Breakers, IKEA, IO TV, Imbruvica iRobot, Kiss Bang Love, Konica/Minolta, Kiehl's, Kotex, Lays, Lowe's, Macys, McDonalds, Mead, MasterCard, Mentor, Microsoft, Miller, Michael Kors, Minute Maid, Motts, MTV, NBCSN, Neutrogena, Nestle, NFL, Nickelodeon, Nissan, Nokia, NRG Solar, L'Oreal, Land Rover, The Learning Channel, LeSportsac, Lowes, Lunchables, Olly, Ortega, Panera, Palmolive, Parker Bro's, Pepsico, PreserVision, ‍‍‍Provigil, PUMA, Quaker Oats, Reebok, Reeses, Rimmel, Revlon, Roberto Cavalli, Robitussin, RoC, Rock Band, Sally Hanson, Samsung, Sarah Jessica Parker’s Fragrance, Skype, Smartisan, Spalding, Starbucks, State Farm, Stoli, T-Mobile, Stuhrling, Talbots, Target, Teen Vogue, Tidal, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, Tori Burch, Town House Crackers, TransFast, TV Land, Tylenol, Uncle Ben's, Unilever, USA, John Varvatos, Vera Wang, VISA, Volkswagon, Volvo, Wal Mart, Wild Turkey, Jagermeister, Xfinity, Xerox

Films/TV Storyboards:
Abyssus, Abyssum Invocat – Short Film

*Master of None - TV (2016)
Bad Behavior – Short Film
Bainbridge – Short Film
B-Sides – So-Delic

Bacon - Short Film
Black Sails – Season 2 Intro
Boarldwalk Empire Season 3 promo

*Blue Bloods - TV (2016)
Buick Audra music video
Code Black
Title Sequence

*Clover - Feature Film (2017)
Crazy about Tiffany – Film
Dinner @ 40 Short film
The Eel – pitch
ESC Short Hyundai
Fat Guy Stuck in Internet   Adult Swim

For Honor - Video Game Trailer
Game of Thrones – Season 6 promos
Game On Project Machinima
Heartfelt Animated Trailer
HairBrained Feature
Homeland Barataria Films

HBO Feature Presentation Intro (2016)
The Home Front – Feature
The Leftovers S eason 2 Teaser
Mars (Nat Geo) – Trailer

Monsters & Millenials – Short film
Orange is the New Black – Promo
Orb – Darine Hotait
Prom Night Robbie Pickering
The Marionette – Swandive Films
The Scared Stiffs – feature film pitch
The Strain – Season 2 Promos
The Judge Mathis Project – Animatic
The Real – Jamal Solomon
*The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - TV (2016)
Rio Dayne
Music Video
The Search for Zero – Pitch
Small Timers
Beyond Our Reality Productions
Skywalkers – Matthew Miele
*Sneaky Pete - TV (2017)
True Blood – season 4 promos
Valentina – Short Film
Waiting for the Cut – Short Film
What Jessica Brown Saw
A World Away – Stuart Summers


Wes Simpkins
Storyboard Artist


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Brooklyn NY, 11222

Ph: 718-764-3003